Does Shopify use cookies?

Yes, Shopify uses cookies for various purposes:

  1. Necessary cookies: These are essential for basic website functions like user authentication and form submissions.
  2. Functional cookies: They remember user preferences, such as language and login details, to customize the user experience. The functional cookies include:
    • Security cookies: Detect and prevent authentication abuses, enhancing website security.
    • Multimedia content player cookies: Store data for smooth video and audio playback.
    • Load balancing cookies: Identify the right server for user requests, improving site performance.
    • User interface customization cookies: Store user preferences across web pages for a better user experience.
  3. Performance cookies: Shopify uses reporting and analytics cookies to collect statistical information about how users interact with the website. This data is used to make improvements to enhance user’s browsing experience. These cookies are not used for online marketing.
  4. Advertising cookies: Personalize marketing content based on the user’s interests, but they don’t personally identify the user.
  5. Social and content cookies: Enhance social media and content features, but some may be used for behavioral advertising and analytics.

To manage cookie consent on Shopify, consider using the CookieYes Shopify app, designed exclusively for Shopify websites to ensure compliance with cookie laws.