What is a WordPress cookie plugin?

A WordPress cookie plugin allows site owners to manage and control cookies on their websites, making it easier to comply with regulations like GDPR. Features of cookie plugins include customizable consent notices, cookie scanning to detect different cookie types, blocking third-party cookies, and recording user consent.

For example, CookieYes’ WordPress cookie plugin enables websites to easily add a cookie consent notice banner. It scans all cookies being used and categorizes them, allowing you to get visitor consent before non-essential cookies are set. You can fully customize the consent banner design, text, and preferences.

Key features of CookieYes include auto cookie scanning and blocking, consent logging, a cookie list generator, a preference center, and auto-translation into 30+ languages. It helps comply with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and others. The plugin integrates with the CookieYes web app to access advanced functionality. Overall, CookieYes provides WordPress sites with an efficient way to manage cookie consent and helps the websites meet privacy requirements.