What are the types of cookie consent?

There are three main types of cookie consent:

  • Information only: Websites provide information about cookies without asking for permission. Users can continue using the website without actively agreeing. This should be used in cases where the website uses only necessary cookies and doesn’t use any tracking cookies.
Example of an information-only cookie consent banner
  • Implicit consent: Users give permission for cookies by using the website. It assumes users understand and accept the use of cookies unless they actively express their disagreement. This is not recommended by laws like GDPR as the cookies here are pre-loaded.
Example of an implicit cookie consent banner
  • Explicit consent: Users actively agree or disagree with the use of cookies. Websites ask for permission through a notification, and users need to make a choice. The cookies (except necessary cookies) are only loaded if the user accepts them; otherwise, they remain blocked.
Example of an explicit cookie consent banner