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Identifying cookies being used and understanding their purpose is a critical step in your website’s privacy compliance. Enter the URL of your website and we’ll scan it for cookies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cookies on a website?

Cookies are small text files sent by a website and stored by the browser on a user’s computer. The website uses cookies for multiple purposes, such as storing login status, remembering the items in a shopping cart, identifying whether a visitor is new or returning to the site, or analyzing user behavior. For example, Google Analytics uses _gh_sess, octo, fr, and _ga cookies.

To know more about cookies in detail, click here.

How do cookies track?

Cookies contain unique IDs that their origin server recognizes across other websites. It tracks the user’s online behavior such as clicks, search history, browsing pattern, mouse movements, device information, and location. It uses this information to utilize them for personalized advertisements, user analytics, or other marketing tactics.

Why check cookies on a website?

Privacy laws like the EU cookie laws mandate that the websites must disclose what cookies are being used on the website and why, who installs them (or who the data is shared with), and how long they are stored. For that, you need to know the cookies set by your website. Checking cookies on your website will give you the list of cookies, and then you can compile their details.

The websites should inform the users of the cookies using a cookie banner and more details about the cookies in the cookie or privacy policy of the website.

Note: You cannot store cookies on the users’ browsers without first obtaining their consent to do so. 

What is cookie scanning?

Cookie scanning is the process of scanning a website for cookies. A cookie scanning tool scans the website by crawling the web pages and activating all cookies to identify them. The identified cookies are then matched with the data stored in them. The purpose of cookie scanning is to determine how many cookies are on a given site and what they’re used for. 

Why use CookieServe scanner?

CookieServe is a free cookie scanner to identify cookies used by a website. Once you submit the URL, it will crawl through the page and detect the cookies in seconds. It will then generate a scan report containing details, such as name, type, description (purpose), domain, and duration of cookies. 

You can share this information with the website visitors and also get one step closer to compliance. 

Unlike other cookie checkers like CookieMetrix and Cookie-Checker, CookieServe only takes a few seconds to complete its scan for the desired URL. You will get the scan report for the URL entered on the site itself. You can use the scanner to view cookies on any website, such as WordPress, Magento, and Wix.

How does CookieServe work?

CookieServe cookie checker crawls through the URL submitted and identifies cookies set by the website on that page. Then based on the cookie properties and its won extensive cookie database, it groups them into different categories.

What are the requirements for GDPR and CCPA compliant use of cookies?

Both GDPR and CCPA require websites to disclose details about cookies, such as their type, source, purpose, data they collect, and to whom they share or sell it. For websites that target EU users, consent for cookies is mandatory for setting cookies. For websites that target California users and are subject to CCPA compliance, users must be able to opt out (opt-in is not mandatory).

CookieYes is an easy-to-use tool for GDPR and CCPA compliance. It will help you display a cookie banner that can be easily customized to match the design and theme of your website. 

When you use CookieYes, it will scan and analyze your website and add all the cookies present to a list, categorize them, and give each one a description detailing the purpose of the cookie. CookieYes automatically blocks third-party cookies from loading before receiving the users’ consent. CookieYes automatically blocks third-party cookies from loading before receiving the users’ consent. You can also add policy pages to your website using CookieYes for free!

How to generate a free GDPR and CCPA compliant Privacy/Cookie policy?

Legally compliant policy pages could be as important as the rest of your website content. Any small mistake or omission of details can lead to legal trouble. With CookieYes’ free in-app policy page builders, creating a privacy policy and cookie policy pages is easier than ever. Submit your responses in the privacy policy generator and cookie policy generator to get copies of those policies instantly.